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Maj-Britt Pohlmann

Maj-Britt Pohlmann

Maj-Britt Pohlmann

FIEGE Logistik

As Executive Director Operational Excellence Maj-Britt Pohlmann is shaping the worldwide process excellence at 150 sites at FIEGE – a logistics service provider with 23,500 employees.

Growing up in Hamburg the fascination for the port brought her into the field of logistics in 2006. Since then she is deeply rooted in the logistics world and knows the Supply Chain value stream from various industry perspectives. She gained broad professional expertise in the planning and realization of automated logistics centres – always at the interface of process, technology and IT.

In combination with her deep Lean Management skills she consulted companies worldwide on Operational Excellence transformations and is now shaping the global Operational Excellence at FIEGE – targeted at making all processes “FIT FOR FUTURE” – in terms of productivity, flexibility as well as sustainability.

In her view broad Change Leadership skills are fundamental for any transformation program and her passion for connecting the capabilities of people in various parts of the organization to achieve better results together is what drives her every day.

Represented in the following tracks at the next event:

Represented in the following tracks at the Mobile Robotics Summit:

  • 2022 MAIN STAGE: Process optimization in logistics

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