Startup Package

    • Your small trade fair stand with table and 2 chairs in our Startup Area
    • You can bring your own stand material, such as a roll-up display (dimensions max. 2m x 2m), as well as other advertising material.
    • You will be displayed on our exhibitor wall with logo and further information.
    • 1 VIP ticket and 1 visitor ticket: value over 1.880,- €
    • 5 min pitch on our Main Stage for the Startup Award of the Logistics Summit powered by BLG Logistics


Package price

Basic Partner

    • 5 visitor and 2 VIP tickets (admission to all Logistics Summit events, including the Speakers Dinner) = value over 6000 EUR
    • Listing as a sponsor (on our website and on other promotional material)
    • Access to the list of participants (regular sending of the most up-to-date list of participants, without e-mail addresses)
    • 6 sqm exhibition stand incl. printed back wall (delivered by you) with your design on the printed stand rear wall (motif template delivery by you)
    • Your company will be presented on our sponsor wall at the fair entrance with further information for all visitors


Package price

Silver Partner

    • Includes all services as a basic partner
    • Additionally you receive +3 VIP tickets (total:5) and +5 conference tickets (total:10)
    • 20 m² premium booth space (add +14m² to Basic Partner,could be extended in steps of +2m² for extra charge)
    • 30 minutes Masterclass on day 1
    • 10 One-on-One meetings
    • 1x lead scanner, export of all lead scans of your employees as a file for digital processing
    • Flyer distribution on seats in front of the Masterclass Stage á 100 chairs
    • Chair covers on every second seat in the Masterclasses, chair covers will be provided by you
    • Larger placement of your logo and above all other partners (except Platinum)



Package price

Gold Sponsor

    • Includes all items of the basic sponsoring package
    • Additionally you will receive 3 VIP tickets and 10 conference tickets
    • A total of 20 m² premium stand space (extendable at extra cost)
    • one 30 minute Masterclass at day 1 & day 2
    • Participation in a panel discussion on the Main Stage
    • 15 One-on-One meetings
    • Your logo will be displayed prominently and large above the other sponsors‘ logos (except platinum)


Package price

Platinum Sponsor

    • Includes all items of the basic sponsoring package
    • In addition, you will receive 5 VIP tickets and 20 conference tickets
    • A total of 40 m² premium stand space (extendable at extra cost)
    • 30 minute keynote on our main stage, you ve the opening speech of the Mobile Robotics Summit!
    • 30 minute Masterclass each day (day 1 and day 2)
    • 20 One-on-One meetings
    • Largest placement of their logo and above all other partners
    • Service staff wear your branded T-shirts


Package price

Additional options

VDA5050-Fahrfläche /MESH mitnutzen
Your active use of the driving area for mobile robots (VDA5050 Mesh-Up)
Sales & Networking
Sponsored Lunch
Additional sqm for your exhibition booth
 3,120 34,320
Your exclusive sponsoring of the Speakers‘ Dinner
Your VIP Lounge Package- Your own meeting area
Your 10 One-on-One meetingsHighlight
Your scan of name badges as lead via Logistics Summit App (incl. export!)
Your 30 minute sponsored masterclassHighlight
Your 15 minute sponsored masterclassHighlight
Your chair covers at chairs in front of the main stage
Your chair covers at the seats at the masterclass Stage
Waffle Station Sold out
Your sponsored WIFI
Fair hostesses distribute your give-aways
Your flyer placement on the chairs at the Masterclass Stage
Your flyer placement on the seats in front of the main stage
Your Sponsoring of the Startup Awards at Mobile Robotics Summit Sold out
Your logo as 1 of 2 sponsor logos on name badge lanyard Sold out
Your Icebar
Your smoothie-bar
Your coffee-bar
Logistics Summit Podcast
Your Interview in the Mobile Robotics Summit Podcast Sold out
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19% German VAT  2,826.25
Total  17,701.25

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